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It was the love of horses and the enthusiasm of the cavalry, which was born on 28.07.1986 in Bochum, led Birte Ostwald, since 2008 professional horse photography.


As a passionate horsewoman she has dedicated itself to the Iberians with all its traditions after switching from the traditional cavalry for about ten years. Since the introduction of the Working Equitation in Germany in 2008, she rides successful tournaments in Germany and Austria.


During her travels, among others to Spain, France and Portugal, she manages to put the horses according to their breeds in their naturalness and grace in scene and guided it through a play of light and color, spontaneity and the individual character of the horses. All that she considers those riders from view because only the photos that they themselves may as a rider, find favor with the customer.


To include international journals and publishers to their references


CADMOS Verlag (Stallions - Welfare and familiarity // Stefan Schneider and Steffi Birk)

FN Verlag (dressage enthusiasm // Uta Graf and Friederike Heidenhof)

Angelika Graf Publishers (Working Equitation - Trail - Training // Angelika Graf)

BLV Verlag (Fascination Working Equitation // Manolo Oliva)

Pferd Plus

Pferde Revue

Equus Magazin


Pferdesport Journal


Die Reiterin


to name a few.

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