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Dressage Trial


There will be a dressage test with classical dressage movements to music. The dressage tests for the individual levels are specified by WED e.V.

The dressage movements correspond to the performance class of the test.

Maneability or Style section

A trail course is set up with 10-15 different obstacles. The number of obstacles and the trail layout depend on the performance class.

The trail obstacles are, for example, parallel slalom, gate, bridge, two and three barrels, side pass, backing up in an L ... The obstacles must be completed in the order given. The correct performance is evaluated.


A trail course, similar to that of the maneability trail, is ridden at speed. Mistakes in the obstacles result in penalty seconds. Time counts, the fastest wins.

Cow trial

A rider selects a cow from the herd and drives it to a separate area. The points achieved count here; in the case of a tie, the fastest time decides.

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