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New publication by FN Verlag

DRESSUR meets WORKING EQUITATION - Nicola Danner, Birte Ostwald

Challenging and exciting at a competition, fun
and diverse during training – Working Equitation offers a versatile equestrian discipline for every rider and every horse breed.

Including beautiful pictures from the world of Working Equitation, this book sets the tone to take a look beyond, be it as an athletic discipline or for training purposes. After the rider has read the description of the different obstacles, the QR-Codes motivate riders to get started with the training right away. The clips behind the QR-Codes describe every single obstacle in detail and invite riders to try, practice, and discuss them.


  • Origin and history

  • The Working Equitation horse

  • the dressage in Working Equitation

  • Speedtrail - a mayor attraction

  • Cattel work - the Highlight

  • The Working Equitation competition

  • Organising a competition - some advise

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