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The beauty and elegance of horses has fascinated Birte Ost- wald, qualified business economist, since childhood. This led to her picking up a camera early in her life and making horse photography a second mainstay. Photo expeditions all over Europe led to ever more fascination for the Iberian horse so that she left the world of Warmbloods behind and brought her first Pura Raza Española to Germany. Since her teenage years, she has had the opportunity to be based at Uta Gräf’s facility and train with her. The basics taught by Uta Gräf and her husband Stefan Schneider have had and continue to have a formative influence on her. Stefan Schneider, who, at the time, also owned western horses and Iberian horses, allowed her to get a taste of the world of Working Equitation early on. During a photo voyage in Portugal, Birte Ostwald fell in love with the Lusitanos, came across the discipline of Working Equitation already practised there, and has since been fascinated by this enthralling equestrian discipline. InPortugal she made her dream of her very own Lusitano come true. Together with Uta Gräf and Stefan Schneider, she has trained Lusitano gelding “Diluvio” to the highest level in Working Equitation (Masterclass) and successfully rides him in international championships.

In addition, Birte Ostwald is a national judge for the Asso- ciation of Working Equitation Germany and teaches lessons and clinics.

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