Working Equitation is applied dressage!


The discipline Working Equitation was created by lovers of old traditions in the 1990s, when in the course of modernization, the horse in the daily work of the southern European, mounted cattle herders was replaced more and more with machines. In order to preserve these traditions, working together with the horse in the fields in the large herds of cattle, this wonderful, multi-faceted discipline, consisting of four partial examinations, was first developed in the southern European countries! Thus, the first competition was organized in 1994, the first European Championship in 1996 and the first competition in Germany in 2008. Since then, working equitation is growing in popularity and experiencing a veritable boom.


Depending on the performance class, there are up to four partial examinations to ride:


Dressage (based on the german LPO)

Maneability (riding a course with various obstacles according to dressage criteries)

Speedtrail (completion of another course according to mistakes and time)

Cattle work (separating a single cattle from a herd)


All these exams are scored together at the end of the competition.


But even for non-competition riders brings this great, versatile discipline variety in the training routine and not only promotes the permeability and thus the rideability, but creates trust and obedience! But not to forget, it is not only fun for the riders, but also for the horses! Race open and based on the performance classes of the national german federation FN of E - S is for everyone the right thing!


As a national judge up to class S and a member of the German national squad, Birte Ostwald likes to come to you for professional training and competition preparation as well as for taster clinics.